About Me

I suppose this page should be titled "About Us", which would mean including Brandon in the scheme of things. After all he is the reason for the "Berryhill" in the blog title. However, I have been unsuccessful in persuading him to contribute to the blog via posting. He supports me, no doubt, but has no interest in writing. His contributions are reading (and often times proof-reading as he is quick to point out my typos!) and offering suggestions on recipes I should post. He is one of my biggest fans. I love him dearly. Of course, all wives love their husbands (or I should hope they do!). But I love Brandon so much because he loves me even more in return. What I have learned from him is that love is reciprocal--when I show love to him, he gives it back to me times one hundred. He has a sweet soul and I promise you that he is the nicest, sweetest gentleman you'll ever meet...just ask my mama! I often think about how I need to be more like him. Then when I try, my blunt and stubborn genes that were planted inside of me from the Gunn family tree kick in. I am doomed:)

So about me...hmmmm. (I am no good at describing myself. My daddy says that I am truly one of kind. Certainly, we all are, Dad!) Well, you already know that I am married to the wonderful J. Brandon Berryhill. We have no "real" children but are proud parents of a 2 year old Golden Retriever, Jasper. Brandon and I are completely stupid over him. But you know what? I don't care because he has changed my life. Enough said. I hope to have human children, and lots of them, someday very soon. I have a huge yearning to become a mother but I am not sure that's God plan at the moment so I will sit back and enjoy life and my time with Brandon while we patiently wait. I have a precious family who loves me just as much as I love them. My occupation is speech therapy and I absolutely love it. How great it is to be a part of helping a child gain something he needs but never had or assisting an adult with regaining something he had but lost. It's a phenomenal process.

I love the simple things in life like taking walks around the neighborhood, reading magazines and cookbooks with my mom and aunt, yard work, washing clothes, naps, organizing, etc. But what I love most is cooking. Whether I am a good cook is yet to be determined. My family says that I am but they are my biggest fans and do not have the hearts to tell me that I am not even if that's what they think. It doesn't matter whether I am or not because it's my love and favorite hobby. But what you should know is that most of the recipes I cook are not mine; they belong to either family, friends, or great cooks who have taken the time to create tasty confections. I feel that I would be dishonest if I didn't give credit when credit is due. Maybe one day I will have a collection of recipes I can call my own.

So, there you have it...about me in a nutshell.