Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Special Day with Dad

Today, I got to spend the afternoon with one of my daddy. It worked out perfectly as today is Father's Day. I have truly been blessed with a loving father who demonstrates an earthly example of our heavenly Father's love for his children. My daddy has done so much for me that it would take all night to write and I am sleepy after a long day in Wadley. As I sat thinking about my inspiration for this post and how to honor my dad, several songs entered my mind. Songs that are special to my dad and me. Also came memories of times in my life where I was rebellious and a disobedient child but even then my daddy showed love through patience and discipline. Now I look back and giggle thinking about how I have grown up to be so much like him. Obviously I don't have children to love and discipline but I think when the time comes my inner "David" will shine through--always show love even when the waters are rocky. So as a tribute to my dad, I have listed several memories that pop into my mind when I thought I had the meanest daddy on Earth but actually had the best. Following are links to our two favorite songs. Here it goes...

1.  Fifth and seventh grades were the most difficult years in school that I can remember. Daddy would help me with my math homework and we would fuss and argue late into the night because he thought I didn't care enough to figure out the word problems. Those crazy things were the devil and I just didn't get them. I think he finally realized that math wasn't my strong suit and did the best he could to help. My daddy loved me even though I couldn't do math--still can't but life goes on.
2.  When I was sixteen, daddy bought me a new car. Sounds awesome right? Well it was except that it came with a contract that daddy created himself. My daddy, mama, and I sat at the kitchen table and read and reviewed the contract and then was signed by me if I agreed. Although I was rolling my eyes and sighing a million times on the inside I was definitely ready to sign and go cruising in my new ride! Items in the contract included:  grades had to be maintained (received deficencies in English two weeks after), no speeding tickets (GA state patrol stopped me going 74 in a 55 on my way to school three months following the signing of contract. Fortunately I was able to cry my way out of that one!), no one else was allowed to drive the car except for me (Ben Johnson broke that rule only a few days after as he wanted to see how fast my Mazda could go), no smoking in the car by me or passengers (we won't go there), and another item that comes to mind is everyone must wear seatbelts (yeah, that never happened). My daddy still loved me despite my taking advantage of having a new car at age 16 and breaking all of the rules in the contract.
3.  During Thanksgiving break my senior year of high school, all 12 of my fellow classmates (yeah, very small I know) packed their sleeping bags, snack food, and comfortable clothes to go to a "party" at one of my friends' family's hunting club. I was the only one absent as daddy made me stay home to study for the SAT. I didn't need to be there anyways but at the time I was livid and am pretty sure I didn't study at all. I didn't understand then but now I do. My daddy loved me enough to be the uncool parent to help me realize that education came before socializing and prevented me from doing some things that I may have regretted later. Thanks dad.

Here are the songs that we love listening to together. The first is "I've Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher. This was our daddy-daughter dance on my wedding day. Its a classic for sure. The second song is "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MG's. When I was little I couldn't say onions. I called them "onguns" and daddy thought it was cute that I loved to dance to "Green Onguns". Even when I went off to college, if either one of us were in the car and "Green Onions" came on the radio we would call each other and leave the song on the other's voicemail. It's a classic as well. You may recognize it from the movie "The Sandlot". Both songs are oldies but goodies. Enjoy!

Dancing to "I've Got You Babe" at my wedding.
"Green Onguns"

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. Here's to many more together!

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